Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Central park

from: A day not wasted blog

Oil on board 8x10"

I always have trouble with figure, so each time I can I try one. Too stiff?

Covered Bridge in Corvallis

Medium : Oil on paper - 8x4"

I did push the bridge at its right place ;) ... on the left ;))

artistic sentiments

Thursday, November 25, 2010

sweet afternoon

A nos pinceaux blog

Douceurs / Sweets
oil on board 10X5"

Three lemons and a red flower

Photo For "Challenge - 10" (Oct 9 To Oct 30) - 2010
paint and draw together Blog

Forgotten in a slot of the drying cabinet - oil on board  8x8"

An apple a day keep four doctors away

Studio Atelier Blog

oil on board 21x16"

If an apple a day keep the doctor away, what would do four of them. Four doctors away ;)) Healthy!


A day not wasted blog

Venice - oil on board - 16x14"

A little overworked :( - I was trying to create two thing - a cool - warm  and some light at the top of the buildings plus an atmospheric perspective ... too much for me ;)

I added the gondola for some love story ;)

Watchful deer

Wilderness art challenge blog

 Watchful, attentive
oil on board 20x14"


paint and draw together Blog

oil on board  9x5"

too many artists are posting at the blog, it is difficult to comment on all - so I will remain  on the side but will try to do some paintings ;)

"The ...  pomegranate, was frequently used in the paintings of Old Masters as a symbol of the resurrection and the hope of eternal life. Because of its abundance of seeds, the pomegranate also symbolizes royalty and the church, where the seeds represent the many believers..." (from the blog paint and draw together)
Rookie painter blog

oil on board 6x7"

Happy morning windows

Rookie painter blog

oil on board  8x5"
happy morning

Galaxy river

galaxy river , oil on board 8x5"    from  PAM Monthgly Painting Challenge

red truck

from : I draw and paint

After a hard day work - oil on board 12x8"

Sunday, October 10, 2010

From : The virtual paint Out blog

San Miguel de Allende Mexican Hot hours - Near the cliché ;))  Sorry Mexicans Friends (it is so easy ;)

 "Hot hours", Oil on Board 12x8"

Google for the ref picture :   10 BAEZA - near the park  Parque Juarez

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Moon dreamer

From Inspiration all around us blog

 Oil on board 6x7"
It was a kind of portrait, but I toyed with the moon and forgot the likeness.  She is smiling so all is well!

Sack race

Sack race from PAM Monthgly Painting Challenge

 8x6" Oil on board

To the finish, they are enjoying themselves ;)

Lavender and red flowers

flowers from studio Atelier 

 Oil on board 4x2"

Out of challenge : A painting a day (almost)

Almonds oil on board 4X2"

Provence landscape oil on board  7x6"

A Canadian National Park

Banff National park from I draw I paint october challenge

Oil on board 20x16"
Some tweaking to be done  blue on top of the mountains, a light green at the bottom, some more white on the clouds, some yellow  on the sand near the man hiking after the bridge.... you'll   see

 release 2

Milk or Lemon?

The lemon from Rookie painter

oil on board 9x9"
Abother one not posted in Rookie painter blog : I like to paint yellow lemon on blue ;)

Black puppy or I need a pet hairdresser

The black puppy from Paint and raw together

 oil on board 9x9"
Time is ruuning out and I cannot reach the deadlines - But as I needd practice : here one more

Monday, October 4, 2010


From A day not wasted Sept. ADNW

Had no time to paint the ADNW so I use a foutain pen with black ink on a printer paper sheet.
No time to add the full fence and it was not necessary to be added ;)

In the tube I get :
- The black puppy from Paint and raw together
, The lemon from Rookie painter and a dead leaf too
- The apple from Paint and draw together
- A landscape from Wilderness Challenge
- flowers from studio Atelier
- Head Ache from A nos pinceaux A french blog Challenge
- Banff National park from I draw I paint october challenge

You see I need extra time ;) to paint !
To morrow is another day - I will post the puppy and the lemon.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kwaï River Bridge?

I draw I paint September 2010 challenge A railway bridge

Oil on board - 12x8"

 - I liked the river but was not able to give the torrent justice. So we will wait the next train ;)


Pam Monthly Challenge

Half  watermelon  - oil on board 12x8"
Bon Appetit!

Just before the dead line... Hard to be on vacation, you have to catch up...

Friday, September 3, 2010


The first challenge of  Paint and draw together blog

oI on board 11x7" Pears on stage ;)  This challenge was offered long time ago and I had no  knowledge of it at this time. And since then no time to jump in and  have a go.

Garden of Gods

From Studioatelier challenge blog
Garden of gods
oil on board  10x10"

A quick study try to get the gradation of values right on the first take ;(.
 I will try again

Bleuets Bouquet

Some flowers from the blog  A nos pinceaux

Oil on board 8x12"

For you some flowers ;)

I was looking for the rounded shape of the bouquet - light on the left , shadow on the right and to give the lightness of the flowers.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Very fresh figs - No wrinkles

Oil on board 20X14"

I like very much these kind of figs - They remindr me my grandmother's garden with its huge tree, full of figs, each summer - My gran was scolding me when I was eating too much before lunch ;)

Sakura Square Shopping

Oil on board 7x4"

A little study of black and white and a repeat of red and yellow. perhaps a little too loose - but it was just for fun.

The last tourists

Oil on board 11X7"

I did it again the horizon is just in the middle of the painting, but after all why not, If you want to get trees and a bit of sky and the reflections you have to make a choice - and in fact this line between air and water i giving a stability a serenity to this piece.

Wash your hands

Oil on board 9X12"

I try to give a story with this one- some blod on the hand but my wife told me not to! so I thought about a toilets sign up the stairs ;)) - But no thanks - Just a hot day and a refreshing sound of falling water.

Van Gogh Lemons

Oil on board 3x5"
I had other lemons but I try a crop of Vincent's painting. I like to see that even a master can  miss the perspective, the symetry of objects. ;)  - Even if it is a deliberate choice  (who knows?)

If you make a drawing copy  of this painting and showing it in a community forum of artist, without saying that this is a copy, you will get a lot of comments about the perspective, the tilts, the ellipse and so on ... ;))

And you know what , I like Van Gogh as a painter - His nervous brush strokes and the Provence colours he filled his paintings.

Prince Edward Island Canada

oil on board 8X7"
I had some difficulties to choose this month - A lighthouse but too many on this island ;( - A flat water or a flat green - Then  randomly playing with the yellow pegman of google street I found this small yellow bus (school bus?) in a curve  - And here it -is
google.maps location link

Three in a row

Peaches - oil on board 7X2"

The reference photo was much more complcated - I try the brass and the shadows in a small study, I will post it in a few days after some tweaking.

Happiness gate

Gate to happiness
OIl on board 5X3"

From "Inspiration all around us" blog Done after the deadline - but the reference was so intimate so appealing that i had to have a go.

Yellow cab

This month, Lee show us a yellow cab - Made me think about a robot i saw in a movie - Wall-e so I titled it - Cab-e . Nice look ?  oil on board 3X3"

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back to the easel - Need a coffee

A challenge from the blog A nos pinceaux

Coffee with sugar ;) see the big tea spoon

Oil on board 16x12cm

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gary reading morning news

Gary reading morning news and drinking his coffee.
Oil on board 15x12

This study was done from a picture of Gary Keimig an US painter. He posted it in one of his 2 blogs - How can he do it?

Thanks Gary for giving me the go ahead to post this one ;)
Gary drinking

You like Wilderness and Nature go see some of his beautiful paintings

Painting a Day
Art of Gary

The 3rd one is the challenge blog

A Challenge for his internet fellow artists

Chipmunk on deck

Chipmunk eating sunflower seeds 20x15" Oil on board

Thanks to Gary Keimig


Oil on board 5X7"
It was quite impossible to get the petals right. So here it is: as is ;(

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Oil on board 8"x12"

Pam give us some thought to think about before we paint. I give a full sky to my bird.

Thanks to Pam Challenge blog