Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gary reading morning news

Gary reading morning news and drinking his coffee.
Oil on board 15x12

This study was done from a picture of Gary Keimig an US painter. He posted it in one of his 2 blogs - How can he do it?

Thanks Gary for giving me the go ahead to post this one ;)
Gary drinking

You like Wilderness and Nature go see some of his beautiful paintings

Painting a Day
Art of Gary

The 3rd one is the challenge blog

A Challenge for his internet fellow artists

Chipmunk on deck

Chipmunk eating sunflower seeds 20x15" Oil on board

Thanks to Gary Keimig


Oil on board 5X7"
It was quite impossible to get the petals right. So here it is: as is ;(

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Oil on board 8"x12"

Pam give us some thought to think about before we paint. I give a full sky to my bird.

Thanks to Pam Challenge blog

L'heure du thé

Oil on board 10X12"

Tea time - a rose rose to smell and a tea mug to taste - a great time.
thanks to the French challenge blog A nos pinceaux

Painting water lilies upside down

Oil on board 12x8"

How to paint water , fish under water, and lilies and reflections?
Quite impossible for me!

Another one to go back to the easel ;)

Thanks to Studio Atelier

Rest In Peace

Oil on board 7x10"

A day not wasted, give us a vibrant picture from a mexican (?) cemetary.
Life is short, make something from it!

Friday, July 2, 2010

the pond

A lake! a lake? no! just a pond - oil on board 11x7"

From paint and draw challenge
We worked on the reflections this month. I disliked the buildings in the reference picture and followed the advice of our host. A little cottage is my choice. If you want to understand go to my site and have a look at my Provence paintings ;)))))