Sunday, October 10, 2010

From : The virtual paint Out blog

San Miguel de Allende Mexican Hot hours - Near the cliché ;))  Sorry Mexicans Friends (it is so easy ;)

 "Hot hours", Oil on Board 12x8"

Google for the ref picture :   10 BAEZA - near the park  Parque Juarez

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Moon dreamer

From Inspiration all around us blog

 Oil on board 6x7"
It was a kind of portrait, but I toyed with the moon and forgot the likeness.  She is smiling so all is well!

Sack race

Sack race from PAM Monthgly Painting Challenge

 8x6" Oil on board

To the finish, they are enjoying themselves ;)

Lavender and red flowers

flowers from studio Atelier 

 Oil on board 4x2"

Out of challenge : A painting a day (almost)

Almonds oil on board 4X2"

Provence landscape oil on board  7x6"

A Canadian National Park

Banff National park from I draw I paint october challenge

Oil on board 20x16"
Some tweaking to be done  blue on top of the mountains, a light green at the bottom, some more white on the clouds, some yellow  on the sand near the man hiking after the bridge.... you'll   see

 release 2

Milk or Lemon?

The lemon from Rookie painter

oil on board 9x9"
Abother one not posted in Rookie painter blog : I like to paint yellow lemon on blue ;)

Black puppy or I need a pet hairdresser

The black puppy from Paint and raw together

 oil on board 9x9"
Time is ruuning out and I cannot reach the deadlines - But as I needd practice : here one more

Monday, October 4, 2010


From A day not wasted Sept. ADNW

Had no time to paint the ADNW so I use a foutain pen with black ink on a printer paper sheet.
No time to add the full fence and it was not necessary to be added ;)

In the tube I get :
- The black puppy from Paint and raw together
, The lemon from Rookie painter and a dead leaf too
- The apple from Paint and draw together
- A landscape from Wilderness Challenge
- flowers from studio Atelier
- Head Ache from A nos pinceaux A french blog Challenge
- Banff National park from I draw I paint october challenge

You see I need extra time ;) to paint !
To morrow is another day - I will post the puppy and the lemon.