Thursday, November 25, 2010

sweet afternoon

A nos pinceaux blog

Douceurs / Sweets
oil on board 10X5"

Three lemons and a red flower

Photo For "Challenge - 10" (Oct 9 To Oct 30) - 2010
paint and draw together Blog

Forgotten in a slot of the drying cabinet - oil on board  8x8"

An apple a day keep four doctors away

Studio Atelier Blog

oil on board 21x16"

If an apple a day keep the doctor away, what would do four of them. Four doctors away ;)) Healthy!


A day not wasted blog

Venice - oil on board - 16x14"

A little overworked :( - I was trying to create two thing - a cool - warm  and some light at the top of the buildings plus an atmospheric perspective ... too much for me ;)

I added the gondola for some love story ;)

Watchful deer

Wilderness art challenge blog

 Watchful, attentive
oil on board 20x14"


paint and draw together Blog

oil on board  9x5"

too many artists are posting at the blog, it is difficult to comment on all - so I will remain  on the side but will try to do some paintings ;)

"The ...  pomegranate, was frequently used in the paintings of Old Masters as a symbol of the resurrection and the hope of eternal life. Because of its abundance of seeds, the pomegranate also symbolizes royalty and the church, where the seeds represent the many believers..." (from the blog paint and draw together)
Rookie painter blog

oil on board 6x7"

Happy morning windows

Rookie painter blog

oil on board  8x5"
happy morning

Galaxy river

galaxy river , oil on board 8x5"    from  PAM Monthgly Painting Challenge

red truck

from : I draw and paint

After a hard day work - oil on board 12x8"