Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Very fresh figs - No wrinkles

Oil on board 20X14"

I like very much these kind of figs - They remindr me my grandmother's garden with its huge tree, full of figs, each summer - My gran was scolding me when I was eating too much before lunch ;)

Sakura Square Shopping

Oil on board 7x4"

A little study of black and white and a repeat of red and yellow. perhaps a little too loose - but it was just for fun.

The last tourists

Oil on board 11X7"

I did it again the horizon is just in the middle of the painting, but after all why not, If you want to get trees and a bit of sky and the reflections you have to make a choice - and in fact this line between air and water i giving a stability a serenity to this piece.

Wash your hands

Oil on board 9X12"

I try to give a story with this one- some blod on the hand but my wife told me not to! so I thought about a toilets sign up the stairs ;)) - But no thanks - Just a hot day and a refreshing sound of falling water.

Van Gogh Lemons

Oil on board 3x5"
I had other lemons but I try a crop of Vincent's painting. I like to see that even a master can  miss the perspective, the symetry of objects. ;)  - Even if it is a deliberate choice  (who knows?)

If you make a drawing copy  of this painting and showing it in a community forum of artist, without saying that this is a copy, you will get a lot of comments about the perspective, the tilts, the ellipse and so on ... ;))

And you know what , I like Van Gogh as a painter - His nervous brush strokes and the Provence colours he filled his paintings.

Prince Edward Island Canada

oil on board 8X7"
I had some difficulties to choose this month - A lighthouse but too many on this island ;( - A flat water or a flat green - Then  randomly playing with the yellow pegman of google street I found this small yellow bus (school bus?) in a curve  - And here it -is
google.maps location link

Three in a row

Peaches - oil on board 7X2"

The reference photo was much more complcated - I try the brass and the shadows in a small study, I will post it in a few days after some tweaking.

Happiness gate

Gate to happiness
OIl on board 5X3"

From "Inspiration all around us" blog Done after the deadline - but the reference was so intimate so appealing that i had to have a go.

Yellow cab

This month, Lee show us a yellow cab - Made me think about a robot i saw in a movie - Wall-e so I titled it - Cab-e . Nice look ?  oil on board 3X3"

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back to the easel - Need a coffee

A challenge from the blog A nos pinceaux

Coffee with sugar ;) see the big tea spoon

Oil on board 16x12cm