Saturday, March 12, 2011


Oil on paper 12X16"

   How to draw and paint forums
The reference image was simple light - I tried a dramatic morning light and only get a dull - may be next time....

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OIl on board 20x18"

Tigress ready!

from artistic sentiments

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011

oil on board 8x8"

from paint and draw together Blog

Coffee pot and coffee beans - I cheated a little on this one - the white highlights on the beans  are digitally done- I will change the painting  soon (I hope) and give brown and blue highlights with oil

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oil on board  7x7"
frozen little bird

from Wilderness art challenge blog

oil on paper 7x5" - sweet afternoon
from A nos pinceaux blog

the lake in the fountain

oil on board 8X8"
PAM Monthly Painting Challenge

I saw the plank in the left An something was missing at the top of the reference, so I thought of the fountains in the provence villages  -  The riddles are from the last drop ;)

Idraw I paint from last month - Monet 's train

Oil on board
Inspired by Monet

 from: How to draw and paint forums

You can see the first one High speed train here

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Oil on board 8x6"
A trashable one ;(

Rookie painter blog

Oil on board 5x7"
Teddy the grizzly
from Wilderness art challenge blog

The original is better than this photo -  all the yellow is washed out here  - I will try another shot

Ho do not eat my flowers!

Oil on board 5x4"
From a friend of mine photo - Thanks Pierre ;)

Virtual paintout 2010 12

OIl on board 12x12"
Ship wreck  fom google street view


oil on board 8x12"

Bouquet - from          Studio Atelier Blog 

This one did not met the deadline - ;( I will try with the next one    

orange and tangerine gang

Oil on board 6x8"
From     A nos pinceaux blog           

Title:  push me up guys!

High speed train

oil on board 9x6"

A modern impressionist  - High Speed train  by night
300km/h  (more than 500 in test run)